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Dud Diamonds

An African entertainer and a stockbroker buy a disused diamond mine, and in their quest to find love, fame and fortune, list it on the New York Stock Exchange, but shenanigans of devious investment partners on Wall Street jeopardize success.

Comedy romance music

Like Moths to a Flame

A true story of two indiscreet lovers trapped in a flawed justice system with a psychopath as puppet master.

Feature film

Genre: Crime/thriller/social impact

Featuring: Antonio David Lyons as Mister Bishop, Cleo Rinkwest as Liesl Fourie

Crime/thriller/ social impact

Made in Heaven

A Derby racehorse winner is retired to stud who unknowingly to the trainer, impregnates his hack whilst in an adjoining field. The resulting foal defies the experts with surprising results.

Family/ action/adventure

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